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Value of Weather Industry

High value added industry through cost reduction sales revenue increase

More than 80% of world economy affected directly or indirectly from weather, in which approx. 10% is analyzed to have direct impact from weather.(In terms of domestic GDP estimated \10,600 billion) Also, in view of frequent occurrence of meteorological disasters cause by climate change, the strategical use of weather information has emerged as an important element in enhancing corporate competitiveness.

Green Industry in response to Climate change

Solar, wind force energy being paid attention as substitute energy to reduce consumption of fossil fuel should be installed at the location abundant of its resources(wind, solar). Thus provision of weather analysis data about select location for solar, wind energy development can bring effect lowing business risk and reduction of appraisal cost.

Blue ocean industry having limitless potential

Weather industry dose not require to invade or to have competition with other business areas, and provision of responding system to climate risk, management risk contributes to minimized management risk, increase sales, help success other business or maximize profit.

  • STEP 01
    Weather risk awareness

  • STEP 02
    Correlation analysis

  • STEP 03
    Derive demand forecasting model

  • STEP 04
    Future forecast

  • STEP 05
    Stretegic alternatives

  • STEP 06
    Promotion & Risk termination